The Omega Speedmaster collector. The story of an icon who went to the moon - The video

Tue, 24 Jan 2023
He has gained worldwide fame for his passion and extensive knowledge of vintage watches, in particular the Omega Speedmaster. Andrea Foffi, owner of the Italian company Vintage Watches & Cars, has also dedicated a latest book to the Speedmaster collection he owns. With him, Il Giornale di Vicenza went on a journey to discover how one becomes a watch enthusiast and tried to understand what makes Omega models so special. A Speedy from the 1950s is, in fact, still a perfectly contemporary watch.

Andrea Foffi, who at Vo Vintage - an event open to the public dedicated to all watch collectors and enthusiasts - brought 28 models from his "Magister Speedmaster" collection, dedicated to Omega's most famous models, also displayed in his showcases the first Speedmaster model from 1957, the model that went to the moon in 1969 on Buzz Aldrin's wrist and its replica produced fifty years after the moon landing. But also those dedicated in 1967 to the Japanese animated series Ultraman and to the 'mascot' of the astronauts on the moon: Snoopy. "He was their good luck charm,' he says, 'which is why they wore him on missions and also on the moon. The watch comes in three models, always with a little Snoopy in the seconds counter, one of which is still produced'.

Foffi told of the Speedmaster's use on space missions as a NASA crew, including the first moon landing. And the story of the first Omega Speedmaster version in 1957 by Claude Ballot.

Author:Maria Elena Bonacin
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