Who I am


My passion for ticking objects.

In my adolescence, I enjoyed the protection and affection of a traditional Italian family. My transition to adulthood was marked by the timely arrival of a fine Breitling Chronomat, a gift from my parents when I turned 18.

My career path started under the guidance of a master restorer of antique furniture, whose wealth of experience proved invaluable. Not only for the technique, which was different from that of clocks, but above all for the approach needed to restore objects to their primitive beauty.

At that time, I cultivated my passion for watches by researching and observing objects, going around antique dealers, markets and specialised shops. Buying and selling became an exciting experience, bringing out my negotiating skills and taste for bartering, often playing the innocence card.

In this context, I must credit Sergio Foffi, my father's brother, with my first watchmaking notions. His influence consolidated my passion for ticking objects.

My love for watches took a significant turn when I came across a particular chronograph one Sunday. From that moment on, the iconic 'Speedmaster' won my heart, as evidenced by its presence in the first pages of my book "Magister - A Unique Andrea Foffi Speedmaster Selection".

The new millennium brought change and personal growth. My partner Lidia was the catalyst for a professional breakthrough, believing in me from the young age of 20.
Together we created a watch business, travelling around Italy and beyond, exhibiting our collections at extraordinary events in Rome, Bologna and Florence.

With Lidia, I shared every decision and success, and she became my wife. Together, with our children Giada and Nicolò, we continue to live days full of passion and dedication.

Over the last 30 years, my journey into the world of watches has taken me to meet collectors in Europe, America, Arab countries and Japan.
My passion, fortunately transformed into work, has led me to jealously preserve the most beautiful watches, whether found by chance or pursued with determination, contributing to an extraordinary collection.
Gratitude accompanies my journey, thanking my good fortune to transform my passion into a fulfilling profession.