Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2023: Andrea Foffi among the Protagonists of VO Vintage

Tue, 24 Jan 2023

Twenty-eight Omega Speedmaster from a globally unique, 70-piece collection. Andrea Foffi among the key players at VO Vintage with “space” specimens

Tuesday, 24 January 2023, by Lorenza Scalisi

Those who have been to Vicenza Expo Center in recent days could not have failed to notice an object of desire in the middle of the entrance hall: a sugar-paper Dino Ferrari. One of the most valuable pieces belonging to  a VO Vintage exhibitor, Vintage Watches & Cars by Andrea Foffi. Making  his second appearance at Vicenzaoro, Foffi can be called a regular, displaying 28 pieces from his rare and prestigious Omega Speedmaster collection on this international “marketplace”. 

Andrea, tell us about your Speed-master world... 
These 28 pieces are the most emblematic of the 70 illustrated in the book dedicated to the collection and their common  denominator is that they are all for “space use”. Speedmasters do, in fact, differ in their intended use. For example, there  are also Racing Speedmasters for racing. However, these were chosen by Nasa  crews for lunar expeditions in the 1960s. I am proud to say that Omega, which collaborated on the set-up with a series of themed gadgets and complimented  us on the pieces, has also been here during these days. There are some very rare  ones, including the “zero-zero” specimen of 5 out of 50, in full pavé platinum with diamond baguettes, made in 1995 for the 25th anniversary of the moon landing. The other 45 included 5 watches without diamonds and 40 with leather straps.

How quickly and how do you build up such an important collection?
I've been in this profession since 1996 and the Speedmaster has always been  one of my favorites, along with the mirror-polished pieces. I can therefore say  that it has taken more than 25 years. How and where do I get certain pieces?  From private individuals and at auctions, it always depends on the model.  Among the rarest specimens, I negotiated for a Patek Philippe 1518 and a  2499.

The most sought-after piece?
  A diamond Rolex Daytona 6270, impossible to find because only 20 pieces  were made in 1980. It was already highly-coveted at the time and is now truly  a watch for a select few. Its estimated value at auctions is around two and a half million.